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Aloe Soap Bar

Aloe Soap Bar

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Introducing our Aloe Soap Bar, the ultimate natural body care essential for your skincare routine. This luxurious soap bar is thoughtfully crafted to provide you with a refreshing and invigorating bathing experience. Our Aloe Soap Bar combines the soothing properties of aloe vera with the nourishing benefits of a natural soap.

 Start your day or end you day with a little Chocolate! our Creation Essentials Chocolate Drop Soap Bars are made with Canola oil, High Oleic Canola Oil is a wonderful oil and contain vitamin E, Coconut Oil a skin calming oil, Shea Butter boosts skin moisture and Aloe Vera helps to clean the pores and strengthens the superficial layer of the dermis, Mica Color, and Chocolate Cherry with Nuts fragrance oil.   

Benefits of using natural soap:

Natural soaps are moisturizing is o ne of the natural byproducts of the process of making soap is glycerin. In general, glycerin is a great skin moisturizer, a humectant because it draws moisture to it and emollient that softens the skin. When made traditionally, these soaps contain glycerin which hydrates your skin while bathing.

Why we soap!

The underlying process that goes into making natural soaps is quite different from store-bought soaps. It is not the quantity that matters, but the quality when making natural soaps. Of course, there’s no better way to flood your senses using aromatherapy, moisturize your skin, and also embrace life’s uniqueness, than by using some wonderfully simple natural soaps.

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