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Wood Wick Soy Wax Handmade Luxury Candle Ocean Rose

Wood Wick Soy Wax Handmade Luxury Candle Ocean Rose

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Introducing our Wood Wick Soy Wax Handmade Luxury Candle in the enchanting scent of Ocean Rose. Indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience with this beautifully crafted candle, designed to enhance your skincare routine. This luxurious candle is expertly handcrafted using a blend of premium soy wax and infused with the captivating fragrance of Ocean Rose. Immerse yourself in the delicate floral notes, reminiscent of a tranquil ocean breeze mingling with blooming roses, creating a soothing and rejuvenating ambiance in any space. Reminiscent of a cozy fireplace, adding an extra touch of tranquility to your self-care moments. Watch as the flickering flame dances gracefully, casting a warm and inviting glow, creating an atmosphere of pure bliss. Encased in a sleek and convenient tin container, this candle can be easily transported, allowing you to enjoy its soothing aroma wherever you go. The lid of the container is elegantly adorned with delicate writing, adding a touch of sophistication to your skincare collection. Simply open the tin to reveal the beautifully scented candle, ready to create a serene oasis within your surroundings.

PURE ELEGANCE: 100% Soy wax with natural aromatic undertones of rich wild honey and mandarin transforms backed with middle notes of rose and lily your environment into beautiful, calming creations. Promises a warm, soothing scent that burns beautifully and soot free. EVERLASTING, DRIP-FREE: With a mess-free burn, our flame is forever strong in your forever home and perfectly accents any room. BEAUTIFUL DISPLAY AND CENTERPIECE DECORATION: A sleek and simple matte gold jar with lid complements any home decor. From luxury sleek design to quaint provincial cottage - we cozy up your nest A THOUGHTFUL GIFT IDEA: this all-natural candle is great for graduations, promotions, birthdays, engagements, and Valentine’s Day. OCEAN ROSE AROMA: Warm your home or office with the comforting scent of infused with natural essential oils including lemon, and orange. Rest and unwind with our soothing soy candles, bathtub side or on your nightstand.

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